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Wine Enthusiast Award of Unique Distinction

Bistro Henry Receives 'Award of Unique Distinction' from Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

Wine Enthusiast AwardManchester Center, Vermont, January 21, 2005: Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s 2004 Restaurant Awards has awarded the 'Award of Unique Distinction' to Manchester Center Vermont's Bistro Henry for having a Restaurant and Wine Program that surpasses expectations by emphasizing the total wine experience and showing a special wine enthusiasm. Only 65 Restaurants in the US and Canada share this level of Recognition.

Wine Enthusiast evaluated Bistro Henry, the restaurant and its wine program as a whole, not just the wine list. They have four different areas that they consider. Overall, they believe the best restaurants for a successful wine experience are those that offer imaginative wine choices. These restaurants are committed to transforming the process of selecting and drinking wine into a shared adventure and revelation. Restaurants are judged on the following four criteria:

  1. Selection: A well thought out wine list, covering countries, regions and vintages in depth; a list which complements the restaurant's cuisine and supports its mission.
  2. Service: Impeccable maintenance and care for the wines, and expert service, knowledge and advice by the beverage manager and wait staff.
  3. Individuality: An ongoing program that stands out for its wine-oriented activities, such as wine-tasting menus, wines-by-the-glass, winemaker dinners and other wine-focused activities.
  4. Value: Fair prices and a wide selection of wines at all price levels.
    The Wine Lists at Bistro Henry overseen by, Henry Bronson the Owner and principal buyer, Shaun Willette, Manager and Chris Kleeman, Sommelier, feature more than 250 choices including a large half bottle offering and large format bottles. Wine Dinners are planned about 8 times a year and feature different producers or regions as the theme might require.

Bistro Henry has been recognized by Wine Spectator since 1995 and Sante, a Trade Oriented Wine and Hospitality Magazine published in North Bennington, in 2001.